Guerilla Service

Guerilla Services

Nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced. John Keats

Guerilla Service

Winter Semester 14/15

Michal Yehudai, Yael Ouliel, Nir Zeevi, Anne Caspar, Sascha Praet, Peter Mülling

A Service Design project supervised by Prof. Birgit Mager and Jennifer Loser in collaboration of Shenkar Academy and Köln International School of Design

1. We share our ideas. We are open source and we encourage 
you to be aswell.
2. The Aim of your Action should be to always improve your environment.
3. Be aware to don’t harm or offend others with your action. Keep in mind that your interests could be in conflict with the interests of others. Think twice before acting.
4. Make sure your action is quiet clean and quick. Remember, staying under the radar is for you own good.
5. You are responsable for your own action, so be aware.
6. Good luck!

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